Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Same window two weeks later...

The snows have finally arrived. I am not complaining as we have gotten away with a very mild winter so far. Not to say it was all that pleasant pumping gas this morning and needing a crow bar to open up the gas tank door. The lack of posting is due to work as I am going to Columbus, OH next week. It also has something to do with the law that objects at rest tend to stay at rest.
Recommended Reading: Measuring the World by Daniel Kehlmann. Already a bestselling historical novel in Germany this book came out here in November. The lives of scientist Alexander von Humboldt and math genius Carl Friedrich Gauss and their eventual meeting in 1828 are explored in bittersweet detail. Funny and illuminating.


Churlita said...

Your phot makes it look like we got so much more snow than we actually did. It's great.

My word verification was "witts".

So, where were you on Sunday night?

Dexter said...

Home. Pats game ran long and we thought people were coming over for "24". Lame I know.