Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A little Husker Du in the morning usually gets me going too.

Sinus pressure from hell today. I tweaked up blog a bit and restored some links that were lost in the template migration plus some new ones. I need to work on figuring out tags. '...time enough and the world.'

Some quick hits for today...

The New Yorker has a David Foster Wallace story up this week.

The Sports Guy is in Miami for the Super Bowl and offers not only some travel advice...

"(Which reminds me, the people I know with Miami experience recommended the following tips for Super Bowl week: Keep your wallet in your front pocket at all times; don't tell anyone your room number; don't get on I-95 unless someone is holding a revolver to your head; hold your drink at all times; don't wear an expensive watch or expensive jewelry; double-lock your room door at night; look both ways as you're exiting an ATM; and if you hear what sounds like a car backfiring in a nightclub, lower your head and start running. Good times! Nothing gets the creative juices going like the ongoing threat of physical danger. I'm not even kidding.)"

... but also some of the themes for the week.

"5. The Maxim party and the Playboy party going head-to-head this weekend. Kind of like Grey's Anatomy and CSI battling it out Thursday nights, only with more cleavage and more dead hookers. "

The rest is here. Enjoy!


Churlita said...

I think I'll have to add that lovely chainsaw dance to my morning ritual. It looks like a great way to set the tone for my day.

p.s. My tax return just got rejected because the drop-down box for my birth year went down one too low. I resubmitted and will see how it goes from here.

kathleen said...

ok, that is just sick. the background is just so great, how early do you think they had to get up?

which reminds me, i listened to "don't wanna know" the other day in the car (old mixed tape) and was AMAZED at how perfect that song is. i forgot. i need to rekindle my relationship with HD.

Dexter said...

There are some good videos of concert footage that sound decent on You Tube for a quick fix.