Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"We're Still Having Fun..." (You gotta read this one from the bottom up)

(12:31 AM) I am getting sleepy. The Senate might be going Democratic, Montana has not called it yet but supposed to soon...

MSNBC just partially spoiled it for me. "For the people in Iowa the campaign season is not ending, its just beginning for the presidential race of 2008"

CNN called it for Loebsack. I think this race exemplifies how much of blowout this was, a first time candidate defeats long term incumbent. Jerry Brown in Cali? Cuomo in NY? It's like a time machine.

Lee County still has votes out but Loebsack leads that county 57 % to 43%... McCaskill and Webb have claimed victory...without concessions from their opponents.. Virginia way too close to call.... Harold Ford's concession was impressive. He will be back.

How many votes can be left? Watching the list of incumbents that lost. Dems look like they have a minimum of 24 seats and probably closer to 30. John Hall, one of the members from the band Orleans of the song "Still the One" took a House seat in NY.

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