Friday, November 17, 2006

"Work is the curse of the drinking class."

On the way back to Iowa last weekend I was upgraded to first class for the first time ever and it was just like that Seinfeld episode. Except instead of a supermodel I sat very close to a seeing eye dog. It only lasted for a couple hours from Tucson to Dallas but I did get a Wee Brie which is really fun to say and was very yummy. As were the several glasses of wine and the mini-pizza that accompanied it. I had forgotten what it was like to be served food on planes since they eliminated meal service from coach.

I had been planning on an excursion to the Tucson dump tomorrow with a friend who is working on his house but I have to work instead which is not too bad since it might mean an earlier return home. I just hate the last minute notice. I also learned that it is best not to stop at a Macy's store on the way home from work still wearing a tie. After four people asked me if I worked in Men's Wear I fled.


Churlita said...

Ha ha - they thought you worked there. I used to work at Macy's in San Francisco (as a bartender) and I had to wear a burgundy colored, paisley bow tie. It was so 1986 of me.

Hey, you have to wear a tie to work?

Dexter said...

When I am working on a project yes i have to dress up...I will see if I can get a shot of me in my 'school' clothes since almost no one ever sees me in them.

dolittle said...

Well there IS the Seinfeld episode where Jerry agrees to watch the dog of the passenger next to him when the guy becomes ill. So, the seeing eye dog is close.

kathleen said...

that's the seinfeld i was thinking of!

wee brie is fun to say. since when is brie a process cheese spread? that basically puts it in the same category as velveeta, the processed cheese food.