Monday, November 06, 2006

Somewhere between Phoenix and Tucson

I picked up a new toy today. I found a decent point and shoot camera at Circuit City for a very reasonable price and so far it seems to be almost idiot proof. Once I figure out the software etc.... I will post some pictures from a Day of the Dead ceremony we went to tonight downtown.


Churlita said...

Yea! New cameras are fun. If it's at all like mine, the software is idiot-proof too.

Man, I miss seeing moutains on the landscape. People make fun of me for missing the Southwest so much, but I think it's all what you grew up with. (Hey, check me out, I just ended a sentence with two prepositions in a row)

Dexter said...

NO it is very impressive and its great to wake up and see the sun coming over the mountains etc... I am sucker for hiking so it would take my a while to get tired of them. It's the other issues down here that would annoy me. Very conservative. Expensive. Crime and traffic although these are all associative costs of living in a city and not necessarrily endemic to SW. It is a good place to winter.

El Duderino said...

Which one did you get and is it small? I need a little camera to keep at hand if only to snap pictures of egregious bumper stickers.

dexter said...

It was an Olympus FE170 and it fits in pants pocket.

dolittle said...

el dude

speaking of bumper stickers - I thought of you when I read one stating "Tailgate me and I will flick bogers on your windshield"

I too hate bumper stickers but this one I found almost acceptable.

-miz do

Dexter said...

My current pet peeve is the use of of "least common denominator" for anything except a math problem. Lazy usage...ugh! Drives me up the wall!