Monday, November 13, 2006

"We move like cagey tigers..."

Half of Iggy's head and half of Hopper.

Difficult to coordinate the flash delay and cats at same time. This was also after stopping by the Dublin, T's place, and cracking open the Maker's Mark while waiting for a pizza. The camera eats batteries which I gather is why they tried to push the lithium batteries on me when I bought it. Will probably try the rechargeable option first but still it is upsetting when Duracells last for only a few shots.


Dexter said...

Last night I was getting errors using Beta version of blogger and tonight I apparently can't access anyone who is NOT using the new version. Speaking of such issues,I always liked "Backwards Compatibility" to use in referring to May-December romances.

Churlita said...

Hey, I had problems without Beta last night - it maybe an overall Blogger thing.

And Jerome makes me want to talk baby talk.

I do the rechargable batteries and I still have some issues with them so I end up using both Duracell and rechargables when my rechargables don't charge the way they should. Them cameras sure are energy suckers.