Thursday, November 09, 2006

"Now batting for the Red Sox...Andruw Jones"

In my dreams pehaps, but the USA Today mentioned that the Red Sox could be looking at trying to add Atlanta slugger Andruw Jones to their outfield. Crossing my fingers. Hopefully Manny will stay or we can get more than fifty cents on the dollar if he is traded. Foulke looks like he won't be back. Still need a shortstop and a closer if Papelbon is joining the rotation. Wakefield and Timlin will be back. Please God don't let Timlin pitch in the World Baseball Classic again this year. We need him to make it through the whole season.

Starbucks exploded overnight into full Holiday sales mode. I don't want to hear any Reindeer songs or think Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I did notice that they are selling a new Sarah Mclachlan holiday song album called Wintersong which will likely be pretty good. Also there is a Santa Baby compilation of standard seasonal tunes with usual suspects Frank, Elvis etc.. and some new flairs thrown in Aimee Mann and the aforementioned Sarah. I will definitely be buying that one.

I just head Disney is making a film out one of my favorite teen books, The Bridge to Terabithia. It looks like they are focusing on the imaginary world part the story. I am fairly certain they will screw this up completely. It would be nice to be wrong though.

UPDATE: McSweeney's daily entertainment, I Would Like to Apologize To The Class by Wendy Molyneux is a must read. I almost blew Diet Coke out of my nose trying to suppress laughter in a quiet room with 40 people diligently scoring essays.

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